The 8 Things the Daily Routine for Bloggers Must Include!

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Being a new content creator can feel frustrating.

You put in your time and effort. You’re talking or writing about your passion, and love doing so! However, you don’t see any results straight away.

Sounds familiar?

It can make you start to doubt yourself.

One of the things I find that help is to have a set of daily activities. A sort of content creator’s checklist to know that you’re making progress, even if growth seems slow.

And today I’ll share my recommended daily routine for bloggers and other content creators!


You don’t have to do each of these things in this order, but make sure to take the time each day to do them, in accordance with your schedule.

And know:

It’s doing these activities daily over a longer period of time that will make you grow. Both your blog, YouTube channel, or social media as well as yourself as a person!

Without further ado, here are the 8 things I think every content creator should do on a daily basis:

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1. Respond to Your Audience

This should be one of your priorities every day.

Check your blog, channel and social profiles to see if people have commented on any of your posts. Then take the time to respond to everyone.

I see this happen for some reason:

People complaining about a low number of likes or subscribers, but then somehow seemingly not appreciating the few people that do show interest.

And here’s the thing:

It is NOT just a like!
It is NOT just a subscriber!
And it is NOT just a comment!

These things are not numbers or stats!

They’re people for crying out loud!

People that took the effort and time out of their day to ask a question, give their 2 cents or tell you you did a good job.

Action Step: Respond to each comment, even if it’s criticism. Be kind and polite either way. If it’s obvious spam, you can delete it, otherwise, take the couple of seconds out of your day to reply.

2. Improve Your Knowledge and Skills

This is essential if you want to grow!

Your ability to grow and monetize your passion is going to depend on the skills you bring to the table! The more things you learn, the faster you can grow.

At first, it may feel overwhelming…

You want to talk about your passion, but then you find out about things like SEO, setting up a blog, social media marketing, getting traffic and more.

Also: “How do these algorithm thingies work again?”

That’s why every content creator should spend time every day to learn new things!

There’s good news though…

You’re looking at your screen and are reading this, so you already know a good place to start your learning (wink wink). 

Some suggestions of things to learn:

  • SEO (and/or YouTube SEO)
  • Growing on social media
  • Using communities to promote your content
  • How to write better articles or create better research
  • How to do keyword research
  • And much more!

I’m still learning every day myself.

One app that I can recommend is Zest. This app curates marketing articles every day so that you don’t have to search for good content yourself. Just open your phone and learn on Android and iOS.

Action Step: Take 30 minutes each day and dedicate it to learning. It could be videos, blogs like this one, podcasts, etc.

Pro tip: If you have to travel somewhere, listen to a helpful marketing podcast instead of the same 28 songs on the radio.

3. Exercise

Yes, I’m serious about this one.

Even when you love what you do, it is going to take energy. Plus you may be working at a (full-time) job as well besides being a blogger or YouTuber.

It’s tiring!

The last thing you would want is to come home and feel too tired to do anything on your side project.

You need to have the energy to put in the work.

When you work out consistently, even something as simple as walking 40 minutes a day or cycling to work, you’ll be much fitter.

You’ll have more energy left to get things done!

Action step: Figure out where you can fit some exercise into your day and stick to it.

4. Engage With Your Target Audience

This is an incredible opportunity!

Every day I read the posts in multiple Facebook groups, subreddits and the like. I learn more about problems content creators like yourself may have and share my knowledge wherever I can.

If you do this, you will learn a lot about your target audience!

Creating content on the right topics will become so much easier when you know the struggles and topics that pop up inside of these communities. They’re a goldmine of information for a blogger, so I recommend making this part of your daily routine.

As a general rule, you want to be wherever your target audience is. You want to join these communities and help people out by answering their questions that may include a link to an article so they can learn more.

That way, these communities, like Facebook groups, become a great way to promote your blog posts!

Action step: Join active communities in your niche, learn about your audience and help community members out with your knowledge and skills.

5. Content Creation

This one should be obvious.

Creating more content means you have more chances to be discovered, have more resources for your audience and more content to share and promote.

If you’re not producing new content daily, you’re doing it wrong!

Just to be clear:

This doesn’t mean you have to publish a new article or video every single day. Producing quality content will take time, so no need to rush it!

However, do make that progress towards completing your next article every day!

Action Step: Write, film, edit, take photos, etc. But do make that progress towards your next content piece!

6. Content Promotion

This is essential!

If you’re just writing and waiting for people to show up, you’re going to be waiting for a looooong time! 

“Build it and they will come” might have worked 10 years ago, but it certainly doesn’t these days.

Here’s a rule of thumb:

Spend AT LEAST as much time promoting your content as you do creating it. The better you are at getting the word out, the faster you will grow.

Just know this:

Getting people to see your content is your job! Not Google’s, YouTube’s or some algorithm’s job. Especially when you’re just starting out.

Action Step: Constantly be on the lookout for ways to get your content out there and share your content.

Note: Don’t spam! Always make sure you contribute a lot of value to the communities you post in.

7. Social Media

This goes hand in hand with the previous point.

While existing communities like groups, subreddits, forums and such are great for promotion, you want to build your own audience as well!

If you’re not posting to social media daily, you’re missing out on an opportunity to engage with the people that care about you, your brand and your content.

Some things you should be doing:

  • Post at least once per day. You can share some tips from your content, ask questions, use images and videos. Whatever it takes to keep your followers engaged.
  • Engage with other people in your niche, genuinely. Try to make real connections with other people, you never know what it can lead to…
  • Consider spending some small amounts to get some initial followers through advertising.

Over time your audience is going to grow if you’re consistent!

Action Step: Create at least 1 piece of content for each of your social media pages every day.

Tip: You can use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance.

8. Have Fun!

Let’s not forget this.

The reason you started is likely so you can talk about your passion! Keep this in mind, as your journey should be an enjoyable one.

Learn to love the process if you don’t already.

Personally, I love writing new content to help you. I could literally talk about marketing for hours and not get bored.

And here’s the truth:

If you don’t enjoy what you do and you’re just in it to get famous or rich, you’ll quit long before you get there!

So, learn how to fall in love with this daily routine for bloggers and the process of building out a blog and a business that you love and can be proud of!

The Best Daily Routine for Bloggers
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